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Have you noticed unevenness in your flooring or cracking near windows and doors? Is your house shifting or foundation beginning to bulge? If so, we can help!


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Create a beautiful sidewalk, walkway or driveway with concrete flat work! We build concrete foundations and pads for commercial and residential properties.


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Ensure the grade surrounding your home or office is suitable for proper water runoff. This is key in keeping your foundation in the best shape possible for years to come!


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Build a new concrete road that is low maintenance, durable, environmentally friendly and will last 40 years!  A concrete road is best for farm, ranch or commercial property!


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We now offer Mortar repair after leveling your homes foundation. We can also fix or build fireplaces, sidewalks, mail boxes, or build something custom of your choice. All of our work will last year.


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Claude Allen Specialized House Leveling Foundation Repair and Concrete has provided structural support solutions for residential homes and commercial properties in Central Texas, since 1963. We specialize in foundation repair and foundation leveling to restore the elements and functions of a home or business giving homeowners peace of mind for years to come.


As our family business has grown, so have our business services. In addition to foundation repair, we  offer concrete, flat work and dirt work to include roads, sidewalks, patios and foundations for our clients. We are not offering brick & mortar repair. Not only will Claude Allen Specialized House Leveling Foundation Repair and Concrete restore the support functions of your home or office, but we will ensure the surrounding soil and grades are suitable for proper water run-off. Let our crew build new roads, driveways or pads or repair any existing issues you might have.

Let Claude Allen's team of professionals assist you with flat work, dirt work or foundation repair in Temple, Texas and surrounding Bell County communities.



We needed the steps and sidewalk done to our front porch area. I originally had stated that I just wanted to use the same design as before. Rocky had a great suggestion to widen the steps all the way across. A small suggestion with a huge outcome. It made it feel like an actual entryway to our door. It feels inviting and let’s us decorate since we actually have a front porch now. Another great service was that it unexpectedly starting to pour while they were putting the last touches on the project. The man literally waited under our carport for 1.5 hours constantly going back and fixing the problems the rain was creating. Commitment is an understatement for this company.

                                                   -Logan B.

Rocky came over to inspect our cracked flooring. We were concerned about potential foundation issues. He is super friendly, down to earth, and above all honest. Turns out it’s just cracked tiles. Some companies would have charged us considerably for time and potentially work we didn’t need…not Claude Allen. Thanks for your help and insight, Rocky!

                       -Jim C.

I’ve had Claude and his guys come out and look at multiple different jobs for me. They caught a huge problem before I made the mistake of putting a house under contract while I was house hunting. I have hired them, once again, to pour our back patio. I’ll always go back to them. They’re great people, and have never done me wrong. Very sweet as well.

- Kristan M.

I can’t recommend Rocky and his team enough at Claude Allen house leveling and repair. They just finished up a job for us (extending our backyard patio) where they exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond! Rocky kept me updated throughout the whole process with excellent communication. He explained each step, answered all my questions and even sent me photos at the end of each day as I wasn’t able to be home while they worked on our project. The entire project was done so quickly and the quality is excellent! I’m so glad we found and used this company. We will be using Claude Allen for any future needs and recommending them to friends and family.

                                                                      -Meghan D.



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